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Hi. I'm Mark Leatherman. 


Before retiring, I was a middle school science teacher. I taught my students meteorology, astronomy and geology, and I strove to awaken their appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the Earth. I also encouraged them to become curious and sensitive human beings. As a landscape photographer, I incorporate the beauty and power of sunlight, rock, water, clouds and stars. And I strive to spark awareness of the deeper spirit I sense within the magnificence of Nature.

I have practiced photography for most of my adult life, mostly as a self-taught hobbyist. Only after retirement, however, did I devote regular effort to the art and craft of photography. As part of a six-week journey through the American Southwest, I was mentored in field technique by Andy Cook of Rocky Mountain Reflections Photography, and later improved my digital processing skills from Mr. Cook. I have also learned under the guidance of Shane McDermott, David and Ally McKay of McKay Photography Academy, Dave Wyman and Ken Rockwell. I have successfully exhibited works at the Glen Echo Park, River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, National United Methodist Church, and Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church. I plan to continue traveling as long as I can, and with a camera always close at hand. My frequent travel companion is my wife, Merrilee Harrigan, an accomplished fused glass and jewelry artist.

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